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Colleen Wint Bond

Arthur Loves To Run

ARTHUR LOVES TO RUN is a short story about Arthur Wint, Jamaica’s first Olympic gold medallist. Parents, teachers and other caregivers can read it with children 4+ years old; and of course, older children can read it for themselves.

Arthur is a young Jamaican boy who loves to run, run, run with his friends. When he is older her runs for his school, then for Jamaica at the Olympic Games in London. By winning the 400-meter race, he also wins the very first Olympic gold medal for Jamaica. However, his running career is not without some challenges.

With the colourful illustrations created by Patrick Meikle, children will identify with the fun Arthur had as a child, and the lessons he learned as he faced both winning and losing.

ARTHUR LOVES TO RUN is also more than a true story. There are some suggested creative and  physical activities for children, including a short crossword puzzle for children already reading and writing. The story helps younger ones with counting in sequence as the relay is explained and illustrated. After hearing the story, some children often find value in watching Arthur’s actual races on video. Videos can be found on YouTube –

or (better quality);

Arthur Wint represented the three important values of the Olympics – excellence, respect and friendship. See more about Arthur Wint at

ARTHUR LOVES TO RUN was launched on May 25, 2023 – the birthday of Arthur Wint. The event was hosted by the Jamaica Athletics Administration Association (JAAA). The following day, author Colleen shared the story with primary school children from the area in Manchester where Arthur Wint was born. She later shared an excerpt at the annual Calabash Literary Festival in St. Elizabeth. She has shared with children also at Kozy Korner’s Saturday children’s event, as well as with those attending the Rose Town Foundation’s summer camp.

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