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Celebrating Me

Celebrating Me is my first self-published book. It was launched in Kingston, Jamaica on May 12, 2015. The illustrations, which I love, were done by Jamaican illustrator Rachel Moss.


Celebrating Me is suitable for ages 8-13 children and is at a Grade 5 reading level. It is  a humourous and tender depiction of four young girls reaching the milestone of puberty. It combines a compelling story with information every girl needs to know.


Snapshot of Celebrating Me

Preteens Natasha, Gillian, CC, and Tina eagerly anticipate the end of year school barbecue, but on the night of the event, bubbly “life of the party” Tina doesn’t show up.

When the girls uncover the truth behind Tina’s “illness,” they find themselves on a journey of discovery. Guided by Natasha’s patient older sister, the girls learn about themselves and the women they will soon become.


Celebrating Me focuses on an important rite of passage for any young girl. While the names, characters, places and events in the story are purely fictitious, the experiences and situations the girls face are shared by many throughout the world.

Special sections are dedicated to  provide guidance, to both children and adults: “A Word to Young Readers” and “A Word to Parents and Adults”

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“This book is a welcome addition to Caribbean literature
…The story, entwined with the typical experiences of Caribbean girls, goes on to explain the biology of menstruation, and ends with the girls' acceptance of the changes in their bodies, and indeed their celebration of womanhood. .  Importantly, the book is short and easy to read, and is therefore well suited for its young audience.

This book is a welcome addition to Caribbean literature.  The well written story, with different characters and personalities,  will allow girls in the Caribbean to easily see themselves in this story.  The story will also help to demystify menstruation for boys. … Parents and other adults who work with children in schools, communities, youth groups and the like, will welcome this book, which will be of great assistance in "breaking the ice".  

Dr. Maureen Samms-Vaughan, Professor of Child Health, Child Development and Behaviour, University of the West Indies (UWI)

A welcome addition to the scarce literature for the young women of tomorrow
Celebrating Me is an easy and delightful way to talk about hard topics.A new book by Jamaican author, communications and social development professional, Colleen Wint, Celebrating Me, is a delightful story of young girls, their friendships, their challenges and their discovery of how the world works for them, is a welcome addition to the scarce literature for the young women of tomorrow.  Ms. Wint tells the story in authentic ways, with good writing, entertaining exchanges among the characters, real situations of home and school, and she incorporates the information all young girls need to have in direct and proper language without hesitation and with a good degree of empowerment and understanding. Not only will parents benefit from this “guide” and discussion tool, but professionals in other organizations of teen care and management will as well.  .  Thanks to Ms. Wint for understanding how to do that.

Jim Rogers, M. Ed. CFLE, Parenting and Family Life Educator, Vice President, still learning inc

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