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Summer Celebration & Secrets

Summer, Celebrations & Secrets is my second self-published book, published in December 2020. The cover and section illustrations, are done by Jamaican illustrator Rachel Moss.

Suitable for older children and young teens (minimum Grade 5 reading level), Summer, Celebrations and Secrets is a captivating story that takes curious young readers on a winding journey.

Snapshot of Summer, Celebrations and Secrets

Summer school at the coveted Nat High, finds city-girl Gillian caught, not only in her own inhibitions and secrets, but in the intrigue of an indigenous boy from the mountain community of Gran’O
The story takes their friends and families (including characters from Celebrating Me) on a twisting journey from deceit to truth, from fear to pride and dignity, and from the tropical city of St. Lawrence, to the celebrations of the indigenous Orpeca in the mountains.
Loyalty and jealousy between friends, understanding and appreciating different cultures are tied up with bullying, deviousness, fears and the weight of secrets. Each learn valuable lessons along the way.

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So Totally Relatable I like how old-world decency and innocence is authentically and credibly blended with contemporary ideas and modern technology in delivering a beautiful and gripping story which raises and explores so many relevant and pressing issues. And the characters are so well developed, distinct, totally relatable. I just simply got lost in enjoying the story and identifying with the characters. My third book in this CELEBRATION series is currently (2021) in the works, as well as another quite different book for younger children. So watch this space…and gentle shoves of encouragement to keep me moving are always welcome!

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